Rhythm & Ribs

Rhythm & Ribs

Rhythm & Ribs

Voted 2015 Best Festival in St Augustine | April 1, 2, 3 2016

VIP Party

Rhythm & Ribs 2015 Brought to you by: 


3nd Annual Celebration of Community VIP Opening Event:



“A Celebration of Community”

This special event opener will be held at the VIP Center on the festival field, Friday night, April 10th, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  Ms. Letti Bozard, together with the Rhythm & Ribs Committee, wanted a new way to Thank our VIP Sponsors, and so this party idea was born.  Since then, it has grown into what will be a fun-filled bash of good times and good causes.

Rotary and Rhythm & Ribs is about fulfilling a sense of community.  Something bigger than ourselves; something to feel good about, together; and, something to be a part of year after year.  All Half-Slab Sponsors and above will be invited to join in this event, along with several Club Members, the Charities we give back to each year, and other community leaders.

We are redesigning our VIP Center; we think you’ll like the changes!  Special entertainment and fun are planned; along with select beverage choices to tempt you.  And, at the risk of making you hungry now, our famous BBQ will be served up for this party!

You won’t want to miss this event!  So, contact the 2015 Rhythm & Ribs Festival Chair, Letti Bozard at (904) 814-2896 or info@rhythmandribs.net to make your reservation.