Rhythm & Ribs

Rhythm & Ribs

Rhythm & Ribs

Voted 2015 Best Festival in St Augustine | April 1, 2, 3 2016


Service Above Self

Volunteers are the LIFE of Rhythm & Ribs!

Come join in the fun and friendship! Apply to be part of our Volunteer Team by clicking the link below:

We really appreciate the giving nature and unique, professional skills that our volunteer community provides for charity events such as this one!

Our Volunteers enjoy the following perks! 

  • Special, reserved (free) parking lot. (Must be on Volunteer List and show ID)
  • Free gate entry. (Must be on Volunteer List and show ID)
  • Free beverages – beer, wine, soda & water while volunteering.
  • 2022 Festival T-Shirt.
  • Private, quiet area with nice bathrooms for breaks
  • FUN networking with great people!

Suitable tasks for responsible adults (21 and older) are:

Entry Gate Admissions, ID Check (for drinking age), Beer booth and Cocktail servers, Grounds and Food Tent Cleaning Crew, Kids Games Tickets, VIP Party Staff, VIP Security detail, Sunday Breakdown.

Suitable tasks for responsible young adults between 16 and 20 are:

Grounds and Food Tent Cleaning Crew, VIP Security detail, Sunday Breakdown,BBQ Peoples’ Choice Poller

Suitable tasks for responsible young adults between 13 and 16 are:

Grounds and Food Tent Cleaning Crew,BBQ Peoples’ Choice Poller

Your volunteer service counts as official Community Service hours! If requested, the Volunteer Coordinator will sign an official community service certificate for you at the end of your shift(s).

Choose your task and time slot on Signup Genius:

Note, the Signup Genius website works best from a ‘real’ computer, as opposed to some mobile devices. If you have any problems with the signup website please contact volunteers@rhythmandribs.net for assistance signing up to volunteer.

The best way to sign up friends, family and coworkers is for each person to sign up individually, so they choose exactly what they want, and they get email updates directly.

If you want to be directly responsible for signing someone up, there are two options:

  1. If you want to add someone to work with you (like your significant other for example), choose 2 under Qty, and type the second person’s full name in the My Comment box.
  2. If you want to sign up on behalf of someone (like your sister for example), check the “Display as alternate name”checkbox, then type in that person’s full name in the boxes that appear.

If you choose option 1 or 2 above, remember that you will get update emails and will be responsible for relaying that info to people you’ve signed up. Our festival relies heavily on our volunteer staff, so we ask that you be conscious of this and make responsible choices regarding signups.

(Specific volunteer details and instructions will be sent out closer to the festival. So, make sure to provide a good email address, and keep an eye on your Inbox for emails from volunteers@rhythmandribs.net and SignUpGenius.)

Still got questions? Please contact volunteers@rhythmandribs.net

You will need to provide some basic information about yourself, and you’ll be able to see available time slots and tasks to be filled for this year’s festival.

The St. Augustine Sunrise Rotary Club sees this festival as a true service to our community, both in the proceeds we donate, and in the festival itself providing inexpensive, high quality fun and family entertainment.

Each year, this festival is 100% Volunteer organized throughout the year, and 100% Volunteer run throughout the 3-day weekend. Hold on! – That’s a LOT of work! Yes, but well, it’s good work, if you’re a part of it 🙂 The festival is a labor of love, and we could not do it without our many, wonderful community volunteers.

Throughout the 3-day weekend, it takes over 200 volunteers working over 2,000 collective hours to make Rhythm & Ribs run. We invite you to come be part of this “feel-good” experience, and make new friends in the process.


Thank you!

Service Above Self!
St. Augustine Sunrise Rotary Club